Cocktails and Cuts - Unique Pairings

What goes together better than barbecue and beer? Although it is one of our favorite combinations around (seriously, there is even a show on Food Network called “Burgers, Brews and ‘Que”), we have the perfect pairings for our handcrafted cocktails and menu items! Yes, it might not be “ordinary” to order a cocktail with BBQ sandwiches, burgers, tacos, or salads—but we aren’t an ordinary BBQ place—we are Good Union Urban BBQ! They are so good that we hope you will check them out next time you come to visit us!

Cocktails and Cuts—Unique Pairings

One of our favorite handcrafted cocktails right now is our Melony Mint Cooler—it is refreshing on these hot Texas days (even though they say it’s Fall now…) and we love to pair it with our Hatch & Jack burger. The flavors from both the burger and the handcrafted cocktail perfectly complement each other! The Hatch & Jack burger has a heart bite, and the Melony Mint Cooler helps balance it out by adding a refreshing element that you would not get with a heavier drink, like a beer.

When it’s a classic option like our tangy handcrafted frozen margarita, you would think that we would pair it with one of our tacos, right?! Well, we just couldn’t be obvious, so we have to tell you a little secret—our Frozen Margarita goes so well with Brisket & Bacon Sandwich. When you have the bold flavors of our slow pit-smoked brisket and homemade Whiskey BBQ Sauce, all on top of a sandwich—you’re going to want something that cools off your pallet, and our frozen margarita does just that. A handcrafted sandwich and a handcrafted cocktail put together really adds up to make the perfect meal – a “Good Union” so to speak! The sandwich is going to have robust and bold flavors that you know and love from us, and then to add a tangy and delicious frozen margarita adds up to create a unique match made in food heaven.

Lemonade + Bourbon + Blackberries + Mint + Prime Smoked Brisket= a truly unique pairing you can’t get anywhere else. The smokiness of our brisket deserves to be complemented by something just as bold—and this is the perfect handcrafted cocktail to add to the mix! Our brisket is tender and moist that it cuts like butter – nice and smooth, just like our handcrafted cocktails. The reason they complement each other so well is because they play into each other’s strengths—the smoky flavor, the tart lemon, the fresh blackberries, and, of course, the soul that goes into everything we do at Good Union Urban BBQ.

Now, we know it might be hard to try something new once you found “the one” on our menu—but these pairings are too good to pass up. Next time you visit us, try one of our handcrafted cocktails with your favorite meal from Good Union Urban BBQ!

Terrence Gordon